The pool is open for mining.

Getting Started Guide

1. Create account.

  • Register here, or login if you already have account
  • Create a mining worker that will be used by the miner (software) to login

2. Download a miner.

Coin MAGI is a CPU coin and can only be mined with a special CPU miner that uses the M7M Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm:

3. Configure your miner.

    Use following command in a terminal window or shell script if you are using classic command-miner:

  • Linux and Mac OS X
  • ./m-minerd --algo=m7mhash --url=stratum+tcp:// --user=username.workername --pass=workerpassword
  • Windows 64bit and Windows 32bit
  • m-minerd.exe --algo=m7mhash --url=stratum+tcp:// --user=username.workername --pass=workerpassword

    If you want to simplify the start on Windows, you can copy and paste above text into a batch file (.bat)

    GUI-miner (Graphical User Interface):

    If you are using a GUI-miner then you need following details:

    • Threads: specify amount of CPU cores
    • Scantime: 15
    • Pool URL: stratum+tcp://
    • Worker: username.workername
    • Password: workerpassword
    • Port: 3333
    • Additional parameters: do not specify anything for full CPU-usage

    You will then need to change "workername" and "workerpassword" to reflect your own account.

4. Create a Coin MAGI address to receive payments.